2003-07-01 | 1:57 p.m.

Yes, I did drink a Mountain Dew this morning. But let it be known that I haven't really "done the Dew" since high school, which was close to decade ago. Sure, the beverage is sickenly sweet and all that, but it's not my drink of choice. I prefer a nice Coke or water. However, since buying a 20 oz. bottle of MD yesterday I have now consumed 60 oz of the stuff. Why? Well, because I keep winning free bottles with their 'under the cap' instant winner business. In fact, one in six bottles is a winner. With those kinds of odds I fear I will be addicted to MD by the end of this cap promotion. And at what cost? $1.19 plus tax. Pretty soon I'll be dropping $2 maybe $4 a day just to sustain my MD cravings.

My God people! This is sheer marketing brilliance.