2003-07-10 | 4:27 p.m.

Well, it's all gone to shit.

My place of employment already sucked, but now it has sunk even lower then rock bottom; think, like down to the molten core bad.

I'm fresh out of a meeting where it was brought to my attention that my magazine must now cut costs by not exceeding a certain number of pages, not paying for anymore art work, and certainly not spending wasteful money on freelance writers. And this is coming from my boss who actually used the company mastercard to order a personal laser hair removal kit off the home shopping network. How do I know this? She was dense enough to publically inquire about the charge on the monthly statement. Is she any less hairy? Not a bit.

I really must find a new job. Damn you editorial community for not having no jobs!

My backup plan? Time to write that "next American classic" ... if only.