07.14.03 | 2:45 p.m.

Remeber that show "Get a Life" with the 30-year old paperboy who still lives at home...

I just finished a book where the lead character is consumed by the thought of turning 30. So much so, that he breaks up with his 23-year old girlfriend in NYC, packs it all up and moves back home with his parents in England for a few months before starting a new job in Austraila. While readjusting to life with Mum and Dad, he starts hanging out with all his old high school mates. It's this reunion of sorts that gives him a whole new perspective on life, love, and aging. Awe, how sappy, right?

Well, I feel like this is EXACTLY what's happening with my old high school friends. [I still have three more years until hitting the 30-year mark.] Somehow, they are all coming together after a decade apart. One of my best friends from childhood is now currently madly in love with the boy who had a crush on her freshman through senior year. A boy who she never did more than flirt with back then. I just viewed their vacation pictures from California's Napa Valley. It was surreal. He's moved from Colorado to back home (St. Louis) with his parents and she's moving back with her folks (also in St. Louis), after quitting her job in NYC and subleasing her place this fall. Both of them couldn't seem happier.

Two of my other high school friends have also reccently moved back home with their parents from various states, Colorado and Texas. The Texas friend is moving into her own place this month.

And then there are the high school friends who never left the state.

Now, when am I going to call up my parental units and ask if my old room is still available?

When hell freezes over, folks. That's when.