07.29.03 | 6:52 p.m.

There is a nine year old named Camille that lives below me. I know her name because it is screamed about every five minutes by her mother, Yolanda. And when I say screamed, I mean blood-curdling, you best get the fuck in here right now before my head explodes kind of delivery: C-A-M-I-L-L-E!!!!!!!!!!!

So, Camille has taken up the violin. Bless her heart. Only she sucks at the violin, even though she practices three sreechy hours a day. If I hear "Yankee Doodle Dandy" one more time, I'm going to start busting out some: C-A-M-I-L-L-E!!!!!!!!!!!

There is also a couple with a baby across the way. Go figure, the baby cries. Like a lot.

Well, at least the woman above me with the mini-trampoline moved out. She jumped so much I thought for sure she would come crashing through my ceiling.

It's so fun having neighbors!