08.18.03 | 3:32 p.m.

I'm going on my 48th hour with a big, fat headache...

Why do I have this headache? Not sure.

Have a taken aspirin for this headache? You bet your sweet ass I did.

Did the aspirin alleviate my headache symptoms? No, it did not.

I wonder, is what caffeine withdrawal feels like?

But,alas, the entry must go on.

For me, my week's hightlight will probably be this Wednesday's "Bucket Blockbuster Night." It will be a time to kick back with a rented film and not the traditional bucket-o-popcorn, but rather a bucket of fried chicken, side of mashed potatoes and some hot, buttery biscuits. And because I am feeling a little Betty Crockerish today, I'm thinking of baking a fresh blueberry pie for the event.

How healthy of me! This is why BBNs only occur about twice a year. As I recall, I shared my last bucket of chicken with Monty Python and the boyfriend.