08.24.03 | 11:03 p.m.

Why my Dad doesn't do the shopping

It seems my mother just purchased a new bike at Kmart, since she was in the market for one after bending her tire in an "accident" while biking to various wineries on the KD Trail (in Missouri) one afternoon with my father.

Now, while she got her new bike at a very nice price, there was one small problem: The kickstand didn't work. So, my father spent a good amount of time today trying to "fix" it. However, he was not too successful, as he only managed to remove the kickstand from the bike.

Kickstand in hand, my father drove himself and his tool box back to Kmart to see if he could talk to someone about replacing it. [I must now note that my father has the patients of a five-year old.] When he could find no one at the store to help him, he did what only my father would do: He helped himself.

There in the middle of the day my dad whipped out his tools and took the kickstand off another bike (same make and model as my mom's) and replaced it with the faulty one he had in his pocket. My mom's new bike now has an operating kickstand. The End.

And this is just one of many stories I could share about my dad.

Remind me to tell you someday about the time my entire family was banned from Sears for a couple of years...