09.08.03 | 6:19 p.m.

Tomorrow, I, and six others, must endure a five hour tour to hell and (hopefully) back again.

It's phase one of Meatball's (aka, my boss) annual "planning meeting" charade that she subjects us to each spring/fall. However, there is absolutely no emphasis on the planning bit. It is more of a means to keep her staff captive while she hoots and hollers about how "NO ONE IS COMING UP WITH ANY GOOD IDEAS."

A real catch-22, since only Meatball's ideas are the "good" ones. Oh, if only all of us could be more meatballish...

Wednesday we get a break, because Meatball has a doctor's appointment, which will take no less than all 8 hours of the working day, thus rendering all of us "morons" to fend for ourselves.

Then, Thursday our fearless leader will make another guest appearance in order to unleash phase two: Another grueling five hours spent shivering in a freezing conference room whilst being reminded that we "ARE NOT TRYING HARD ENOUGH!"

What a mentor!