09.17.03 | 1:47 p.m.

This entry will have no point. So, why you are more than welcome to look for one, please don't come crying to me when you realize that I wasn't yanking your dangly wallet chain, afterall.

Now for some mental notations:

1. I am wearing a tight T-shirt and a padded bra, which makes me feel as if I am deceiving those around me.

This was brought to my attention when a woman on the train today apologized to me after she accidentally side-swiped my breasts in her efforts to de-board. I found myself fighting to urge to reply: That's okay! with all this padding I didn't feel a thing! No really, I donít mind. Do it again!

But in my 27 and 1/2 years of living I know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em, know when to shut the hell up when the dealing's done.

2. Life really is like a box of chocolates. Really gooey chocolates. mmm... chocolates.

3. After returning from my lunch hour at the brand new H&M clothing store on Michigan Ave. -- of course carrying a H&M bag because I (and apparently the rest of the world) am a sucker for cheap trendy clothes -- I should have seen it coming. Not one, not two but more than three downtowners felt the need to ask: Did you just go to the H&M store!? Was it good? Was it cheap?

But since I am a team player, I keep my mouth shut (again) and just nodded away.

Nod. Translation: Yes I went to H&M

Nod. Translation: Yes it was good

Nod. Translation: and cheap!

Although my inner voice was saying something like: Hey lady, you like what I got on? because your outfit really isn't doing it for me. So while we can both agree on a mutual appreciation for bargain clothing prices I'm not so sure we're talking the same clothing.

4. People who say "pop" -- as opposed to "soda" -- are just kidding themselves. So, just stop it already, will ya? Pop is a sound, a style of music, a Kellog's cereal personality... but a soda is only one thing baby -- a sugary, sweet, bubbly beverage best enjoyed chilled or straight up on the rocks.