09.24.03 | 2:21 p.m.

I have become addicted to Friendster. I am not proud of this, but nonetheless it is a fact.

This week has been spent corresponding with a stranger who we'll call "Paul" vicariously through one of my friends who we shall not name. They met because of their expressed mutual love of David Hasselhoff. (who wouldn't love that man? he's a true triple threat with his ability to not only act and sing, but he used to save lives for crying out loud!)

Any who,"Paul" has proved himself to be a charming young man with just the right amount of wit to boot.

Only, the fact remains that he is still a stranger.

He wants to meet my nameless friend out for a game of pool this weekend. Both of them are single. Or, at least, "Paul" claims that he is single.

The question, should she go?

Neither of us knows the proper protocol for Friendster "fleshmeets."

I will update on this.