10.13.03 | 12:44 p.m.

So last night I fell back into a very bad habit of mine, which is listening to Loveline with Dr. Drew and Adam Carolla. I got suckered into it while I was setting my (radio) alarm clock.

It was then that I heard the very distinctive voice of Sarah Silverman, guest host of last night's show. She is vile. She is wrong (on so many levels). And this is probably why I find myself laughing at a lot of what comes out of her mouth.

Between calls from Silverman's and Carolla's boyfriend, Jimmy Kimmel -- where the topic of discussion was Kimmel's seeming gift of passing gas -- there was mention of rape. Is rape a violent crime or a sex crime? That was the question.

After some lengthy periods of witty banter, it was decided by Silverman that rape was definitely a violent crime followed by a cum chaser.

The point of all this? Hell if I know.

My memory was just jolted of the show when I went to fix myself a cup of tea in the office cafeteria.

The topic of conversation amongst my coworkers appeared to be what a rapist Kobe Bryant is. To which my inner comment was: that means the guy is guilty of committing a violent crime followed by a cum chaser.

And then I poured some cream in my tea.