01.12.04 | 2:56 p.m.

Welcome Back

It's my first day back -- straight from the beach to the desk.

I do belive that this is the first time in a week that 1.) my feet have felt socks and 2.) I have been sober at the 3 o'clock hour.

Unfortunately, I have 3,500 emails waiting to be put out of their misery. But! fortunately, Meatball brought in tiramisu today. It was tasty as all get out. I could get used to this.

By that I mean, the mid-afternoon dessert selection and not the bullshit email business I am forced to "put up with."

*For the record, SPF 45 is not the best lotion of choice for tanning, as evident by the healthy alabaster glow me and the boyfriend still got going on.*