01.21.04 | 1:40 p.m.

Now for a word about structure.

When you work in an environment where upon seeing your boss in the hall you acknowledge her presence not by stilfling out a fake "hello, how are you?" but rather, running (not walking swiftly, but sprinting away like someone just told you David Bowie was in the next room) and then later you tell that boss in an email, as verbal communication in the "communications" division is highly discouraged that she best cancel her meeting that she has called with you because she has too much work (that you have given her) to complete to take the time to congregate then, she thanks you for canceling her meeting, well, it messes with your head.

I have no structure in my work environment.

Likewise, growing up, my ex-hippie parents thought that kids really ought to make up their own rules, curfew, etc. So, naturally, I spent my youth confused as hell.

Given my work situation, I am now spending my early adulthood stuck in the same haze of confusion.

I crave structure.

I need rules.

I need to know the whats? The whens? The whys? The with who?

In conclusion, this is just a more fodder for my "issues," which, of course, I am "working" on correcting so that I can "function" more normally someday.