02.13.04 | 3:07 p.m.

Where's the beef?

I'll tell you where the beef is; it's in the belly of my boss' boss.

The executive director for my place of employment lives in Florida.

Mind you, my company is in Chicago.

Seems the executive director, who is now in Florida, as I type this in Chicago, needs paper for his fax machine. Rather than buy some paper in Florida, he has opted to call us here in Chicago to request that two reems of paper be FedEx'd overnight to his home, Saturday delivery.

Mind you, the shipping cost: $51

I work for a nonprofit.

This same executive director also felt the need to speak with me last week regarding "sharing" my copy of The Chicago Tribune. It turns out that on the days he is in Chicago, staying at his company paid downtown apartment, my paper is then his paper.

Mind you, The Chicago Tribune cost: $.50

Now, what have we learned here? That me finding a new job, priceless.