03.24.04 | 2:36 p.m.

UPN! Wine! Camera! Action!

Last night was just another Tuesday, except for the small gathering at my place to watch the season finale of Top Model 2.

A guilty, albeit sick, pleasure of mine.

At least the favored girl (in my living room, that is) won. I think this is why some celebratory wine and $3 champagne was drunk, and drunk, and drunk. And I think this is why the Polaroid camera made an appearance to take some "beauty" shots. This must also be why I spent the morning at work scanning and Photoshopping this ridiculousness.

Hey, at least I get to go home to a kitchen stocked with all kinds of excellent leftover appetizers, including a bubble gum pink cake with cream-cheese based frosting – the kind of cake a top model wouldn’t dare touch.