10.11.04 | 4:51 p.m.

Who schlepped eight cans of soup and a sleeve of Saltines to work today?

However, I got taken out to lunch, so rather than have a can of soup, I dined on a prime rib Caesar salad with a side of mashed potatoes at Lowry’s (yes, like the salt).

This morning, I made The Boyfriend a turkey sandwich with turkey bacon, lettuce, pickle, tomato, muenster cheese, and mustard for his lunch (mainly because I woke up hungover and went straight to the kitchen to fry up some bacon because it seemed like real good idea).

When I called The Boyfriend at 4 p.m. to confirm the dinner menu for tonight (I also marinated some chicken while I was whipping up bacon-y sandwiches this morning), I asked how his sandwich was.

He said he didn’t get no sandwich.

I asked him to kindly look back into his bag (which is the size of a briefcase). Low and behold! He saw his sandwich and then ate it.

I didn’t wrap his sandwich in foil and put it in a brown paper bag like he is used to. This time I put it in a Gladware container. Man, if wish I had known earlier he would be this easy to fuck with…

Hmmm… wonder where I’ll put his sandwich tomorrow!?