10.21.04 | 9:41 a.m.

You ever had…

One of those days where you wakeup and say to yourself, “I don’t think that I will go to work today because I really don’t feel like it.”

Yet, somehow, you convince yourself that if you get up and take a shower anyway and pretend like you are “going through your morning routine” you’ll be able to better gauge how “not like going to work” you feel, which will, in turn, result in a mumbled phone call to the office whining about headaches and whatnot.

I was fully in this mind frame this morning. I even stopped to take a quick nap after my shower that consisted of me asking my Siberian Husky for advice on what I should do. Call in and have a nice, pleasant day. Or, suck it up, go to work and raise my blood pressure no more than five times due to unintelligible management practices.

Well, with the help of some Patsy Cline playing in my headphones through the commute, I’m here (at work).

I did manage to skip my a.m. makeup application routine without noticing until I went to stop myself from rubbing my eyes. That’s when I realized I could rub them suckers all I wanted! There’s no mascara holding me back today from anything! I may even have a nice cry this afternoon!

I also managed to dress myself like I stopped by the Salvation Army on my way to work and had about $10 to spend on my entire “outfit.” I will be winning no fashion awards in my extremely wrinkled brown wool pants, black and gray striped t-shirt, and red sweater cardigan today.

Oh fucking well.