10.28.04 | 10:36 a.m.

Hey Mister, You Have a Nice “Pen-Like Grip.”

Mr. Taguti Keizo has a “mere laborer's” mind that’s been putting in some serious overtime, over in Japan. Don’t believe me? Well, then please take a gander at his proposal he emailed to my office this morning.

Ladies and Gentlemen:

Though I am a mere laborer in Japan, I thought of an idea about a toothbrush who’s handle looks like a pencil. As you know 'pen-like grip' and its way of brushing is good for curing and preventing gum disease. But people don't know 'pen-like grip' well yet. This toothbrush of my idea indicates 'pen-like grip' or 'pencil-like grip' or that you should hold a toothbrush just like you grip a pencil to write something with. This brush reminds people of pen-like grip.

I had already applied for the patent in Japan on July 24 and it is pending now. My claim of it is that the handle of the toothbrush looks like a pencil.

I enclose a drawing of two examples.

I would appreciate it if you could examine whether you can commodify my idea or not or if you adopt my pencil-like toothbrush as a means of spreading pen-like grip instead of hammer-like grip. And I would be happy if I can contribute to eradicating gum disease.

Taguti Keizo

So, put down those hammer-head brushes you have been using and start 'pen-like' gripping today!

p.s. Amanda is still on America’s Next Top Model (cycle 3), which makes me think that the terrorists have indeed won.