11.29.04 | 10:26 a.m.

Uncle Jesse

I'm on a mailing list that sometimes has job postings and whatnot for print journalists.

Well, today I read that Maxim magazine is in search of interns for the winter/spring semester. In order to apply, all applicants must submit a resume (pretty standard) and cover letter that tells Maxim why s/he would be a "kick ass" intern via a 150-word essay on how John "Uncle Jesse" Stamos has affected her/his life. Seriously.

This, naturally, made me think -- hmm... what would I write about that feathered-hair uncle figure ... Hermes "Jesse" Katsopolis?

And... I came up with nothing.

Now, uncle Joseph "Joey" Alvin Gladstone (aka Dave Coulier), with his famed "Cut. It. Out." hand gestures, is genuine role-model material.