01.12.05 | 10:56 a.m.

Its not a work party, until the chimpanzees arrive right?

My brother (the person in the photo, whos identity I have cleverly concealed with a black line to the eyes) recently started working for CareerBuilder, part of the Chicago Tribune company.

On Monday they had a work dinner, where employees where asked to stand in a long line. Halfway through the line my brother realized what he was waiting for, why, of course! He is waiting with a drink in his hand to have his photo taken with a chimpanzee. There were two chimpanzees to choose from. One dressed in a tuxedo (he apparently was too agitated to take photos by the time my brother's turn came) and one dressed like a baby (pictured, and identity not concealed).

These two little monkeys had to pose, flash after flash, in photos of CareerBuilder employees ... poor primates. Where is PETA when a monkey in distress needs them?