01.31.05 | 1:47 p.m.

Chicken Soup for the "Blogger's" Soul

(My use of quotes is to show my distaste for the word blogger. I also have an aversion to the use of panties, supper, pus, girls'/boys' night out, and fresh -- when used to describe any of the programs on the WB.)

I interviewed a woman this morning who was featured in Chicken Soup for the Volunteer's Soul. She is a dental forensic specialist and we talked tragedies and remains all morning long. Though, being the idiot I am, I scheduled the interview for 9:30 am, not figuring in time zones. I win the not so coveted award for first person to work this Monday morning.

Let's see, what else to share???

I believe The FiancÚ summed the evening up best, with him wiping puke off himself and screaming idle threats at the crackhead who lives below us.

He forgot to add that earlier that day we prayed with the minister who has agreed (I think) to marry us, before heading to Denny's for lunch.

And I have nothing against prayer, it is just I have no reference for it either, so I believe what we both felt was a lot of awkwardness-- especially after I had to tell the minister (Dr. Dianne -- it is a Presbyterian church) that I had not been to church since I was confirmed about 14 years ago.

She did not look impressed.