02.09.05 | 12:37 p.m.

What are you giving up for Lent?

Happy Chinese New Year, Ash Wednesday, and hump day.

I started off my day with the realization that I am either supersizing myself or The Fiance is washing all my clothes on hot and then drying them down to itty-bitty garments. It could be a little combination of both, but that is not the point.

I wash my clothes on cold. I always have. I always will.

This has worked out for me pretty well in the past 29 years.

However, since I have relinquished all laundry duties following the move-in of The Fiance this past fall, I believe my work pants have turned more into hot pants and my button-up shirts aren’t really buttoning up—since, between buttons, my chest is clearly visible today. [Well, it would be if I didn’t have a jacket over the shirt. But again, that is not the point.]

Thankfully, Bed, Bath, and Bondage is just down the street from where I work, because I am now the proud owner of a drying rack.

That is right – no more sexy, Victoria Secretish -office-style- cling to my ass like saran wrap on cottage cheese looking outfits. It is back to modest daywear.I know, it is sad that I am giving up such a look, and especially generous of me, considering I am not Catholic and therefore do not have to give up anything.

Hell, I went to Eddie Baur the other day and actually purchased stuff. Pretty soon, I’ll be wearing clogs and capris and taking McDonald fruit-n-yogurt parfait breaks to swap cream-based soup recipes with my lady-friends… okay, maybe not that soon.

That said, my regrets if this entry wasn’t funny, or witty, or even interesting, but it was a real issue that I had to get off my chest today—literally.

Perhaps I should have worn a better looking bra…