03.04.05 | 9:23 a.m.

Where to start…

Well, I killed the microwave this week. Turns out that microwave popcorn magically turns into a noxious, black brick after a mere 10 minutes of nukage… it was one of those moments when you haven’t slept much in the past couple weeks and you get caught up in something (i.e. cleaning dog hair from the couch) so much so that and you barely see/smell the plumage of black smoke wafting about… and before you know it you are standing in the kitchen talking to yourself about what course of action would be best to take in said situation.

My lungs still hurt from the initial opening of the microwave, post popping/scorching. Seeing is how that was a bad idea, I opted to keep it closed and focus more on fixing that nasty burnt popcorn smell – which is right up there with that lovely burnt hair aroma.

I tried air fresheners. I tried candles. I tried opening the windows. I tried bleach.

Nothing worked.

I probably will not be able to eat microwave popcorn again – and not just because my microwave is in the dumpster right now, either.

I miss that appliance, especially when I realized that the baked potato and frozen broccoli spears I wanted to make to accompany my chicken dinner weren’t happening the other night. It takes over and hour in the oven and requires water to be boiled for those things to cook!


As Melanie, I can report that the new job is going well.

It was amusing that during this week’s staff meeting (via conference call to our director who lives in Atlanta) when it came time for me to update everyone on what I was doing.

Me: Hi Mike! This is Amanda.
Mike: Hi Amanda.

Me: I still don’t have an email address and am still getting situated...
Mike: Well that’s just great, Amanda. (tone = sarcastic)

Me: And that is my report. Ta-da!

I’m hoping Monday of next week I’ll regain my birth-given identity, especially since next Thursday I have a presentation to give to the CEO.