09.07.05 | 1:57 p.m.


In college, there was this guy named Andy who used to hang out with all the Graham Hall dorm kids, which I was. Now, I donít remember Andyís last name. I do remember that he was a ďvalidater.Ē Everything he said had to be affirmed by someone else in the room.

You liked that movie, right?
We donít like that girl, right?
My shirt is green, right?

I didnít really care much for Andy.

What I do remember about him is that he ritually removed his watch after his last class of the semester before each summer break. He had a very bad watch tan from all his watch wearing.

When I asked him why he did this his response was: Itís summer. You donít need to know what time it is.

Thatís what I chose to remember about him.

In particular, that is what I was remembering this morning as I was racing to work in my car, glancing methodically to the clock and then to the speedometer, repeatedly.

Itís 2:01 pm nowÖ