08.27.03 | 6:15 p.m.

I know this because Tyler knows this.

That said, you know that I am reading Chuck Palahniuk's "Fight Club."

I am reading this because this boy lent it to me to read, and I do everything he says. But seriously...

At the moment I am listening to the Weakerthan's "Reconstruction Site" and trying to talk myself into doing laundry. Seems I am not the motivational speaker I had hoped and dreamed that I could be. I know this because my laundry is still not done.

Other things I know, include:

1. Meatball (my boss) has picked up on the fact that I do not care for her. In my annual review, I finally got back, it mentioned the fact that I am "barely civil" to her in my emails. My response: Fuck you Meatball!

Hmmm... looks like I could use a more creative outlet for my anger then email and large doses of vodka.

Anyone know where I could score some heroin? A joke. Sort of.

2. That my neighbor's missing cat is still missing. Five days ago she asked me and the whole building if anyone had seen her cat. Yesterday there was a "cat found" sign my neighbor Jim had "found" and taped to the front door. I thought for sure that the cat was as good as located. But today I came home to find the cat's collar fastened around the door handle. It is my pessimistic nature to take this as a bad sign. I will now pour a little milk out for the little feline. We're rooting for you buddy, please come home!

3. That my dog is afraid of the American flag. Well, not just the American flag, per se, but flags in general. It's just most people hang American flags out front, with the ocassional Irish flag now and again where I live.

4. When you buy yourself a nice bouquet of flowers to cheer yourself up after a crappy day, remember to give them water. No wonder my lovely pink roses died on me!

And that's a wrap.