11.17.03 | 10:30 p.m.

The Grisham Who Stole Christmas

Last year for Christmas my mother bought me John Grisham's novel, "Skipping Christmas."

I am still not sure if this was either an ironic or blatantly obvious gesture. I have yet to crack open the book.


Yes. Grisham, an ex-lawyer.

Yes. Grisham, a man who has since penned himself a small empire from earnings off his numerous legal thrillers.

Yes. Grisham, as in the hand behind major blockbuster hits starring the likes of Tom Cruise and Julia Roberts.

And now, Grisham? (actually the book was released November of 2001)

A guy out to sell a cutesy "classic tale of Christmas" lost to chaos, materialistic sentiment and frenzy?



I'm giving it until page 10 to blow me away and/or put me to sleep.

Good night.