03.22.04 | 7:58 p.m.

The Contents of My Fridge (right now)

24 cans of beer (also known as a case)

8 bottles of beer

4 bottles hard cider

1 Mike's Hard Lemonade (not mine)

2 bottles cheap champagne

1 bottle expensive champagne

1 mini single serving "New York style" champagne

bottle of Arbor Mist (a gift... not a good one)

3 bottles white wine (the red is all in the wine rack)

block of cheddar cheese

bag of shredded cheddar cheese

1 (cheddary) Kraft single

block of Monterey jack cheese

block of pepper jack cheese

block of muenster cheese

tub of cream cheese

bag of shredded parmesan cheese

tub of crumbled bleu cheese

wedge of French Brie

box of chocolates

There is also an enormous tub of jalapeno peppers and a gallon of milk in there.

Pop quiz: What are some of my favorite things?

If you guessed cheese and booze, well then you are correct.