04.30.04 | 11:42 a.m.

Mean Girls

I want to see this film for one reason only, Tina Fey.

I heard an interview with Fey this week about writing the "Mean Girls" screenplay and the arguments she had with the ratings board about what could be included in a PG-13 movie. She said she really had to fight to keep the phrase "wide-set vagina" in, which she admitted didnít really sound like something worth fighting for, but she assured the interviewer that in context it was a phrase she knew she needed.

Fey also discussed one of the things that they wouldnít allow her to do in PG-13. On the main characterís first day in high school, a boy approaches her and introduces himself. He says: "Hi, Iím Greg and Iím part of the Washington High School Welcoming Committee and I wanted to know if your cherry has been popped and if it hasnít, we can schedule a time to get your cherry popped at your convenience."

She thought that was strange because she could have done that on TV.

To all of this I say: I heart Tina Fey.