10.27.04 | 3:27 p.m.

Say Cheese! My Love!

I made the mistake of giving my boss’ assistant as well as my editorial assistant a box of disposable cameras I had sitting in my office. They were from some Kodak deal my company had back in July of 2001, and according to the camera’s ‘born on’ dates, they had long since expired.

Ever since then, the editorial assistant has amused himself by knocking loudly on my door, startling me (I face my computer toward the window and away from hallway viewing), and then snapping photos. There have been similar photos of me on the way to the copier… the fax machine… the printer… the mail.

Apparently, he also has been doing this to another coworker, which makes it a little less bizarre.

Regardless, he just presented me with the first round of “me cutouts.” I now have two, tiny, startled looking me cutouts propped up on an even tinier stand on my desk.

I wonder where all my other me cutouts are?

What’s next? A hair doll?

Aside from the lunatic office games played here, the PR manager called her assistant the other day from outside the office to inquire on something business-related, and rather than saying “goodbye” she accidentally said “love you!” when she hung up with him.

All rest of the afternoon my coworkers and I yelled about to each other about how much we LOVED everyone.

“Would you please copy this for me? Thanks! I love you!”
“Did the mail come yet, because I love you!”

…In retrospect that was kind of odd, too.